Oblique Pen Holders Bunch

Chic Oblique is a custom oblique pen holder business based in Bedfordshire in England. Chic Oblique's goal is to create not only beautiful pen holders but also fine writing instruments. Should you decide to purchase a pen from us you will receive a very unique pen as every pen I make is created by hand using a wide variety of materials, from exotic woods and Acrylics and everything in between. The flanges are cut and shaped by hand to fit each individual oblique pen holder.

Pink Oblique Holder


As a working professional calligrapher I have always understood the importance of the oblique pen holder for pointed penmanship. Having owned many oblique pen holders over the years I wanted one that was tailored to my hand and style. I knew if I wanted that special pen I would need to make it myself. After creating a number of pens ( different pens for different nibs ) other calligraphers started to ask if I would be willing to sell them or make a custom pen for them. After much deliberation I decided to set up Chic Oblique as a custom oblique pen holder business.


Oblique Pen Holder Finials